The regular…and the “regular”

There are two types of regulars in the realm of bartending and they are drastically different kinds of customers, and people in general really.

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The first type of regular is the regular that you want to have, the regular that comes in all the time and interacts with not only the bartender, but the staff in general (especially if it is a restaurant bar and there are other servers and hosts running around). They come in and they take up a good amount of your time, but they are always friendly. They understand the work you do and the time that you are giving to them, so they are  usually some of the best tippers that you will have. They are the person that lightens up your day when you see them walk in the bar and not only because they give you the most money, but because you know that they are going to be a delight to take care of.

The second type of regular is the person that you most definitely do not want to come to the bar. They are the type of person that comes in all the time and demands their order, not ask. They constantly inform everyone in the bar that they are a regular, and will insist that you back them on the matter. They will take up a large amount of your time and energy, mental and physical. They are usually the type to get too rowdy at the bar and always…ALWAYS “forget” to tip. Just a downright awful experience when they come in, but the sad thing is…you can’t do anything about. They are still coming in and spending money at the bar (hooray for the owner of the bar), but are failing to give any kind of tip (boo for you).

These types of customers are the types of people that make bartenders wish they could be honest…        *NSFW(ish)*

For all you bar goers out there who are reading this, take some time to think about where you fall in with regard to these two options. Do you need to make some changes? Or are you right where you should be? Even if you fall into the later, make sure to leave a tip. You have no idea how much better you will look in the eyes of the bartender if you just do the right thing. If you insist on not tipping, be the nicest customer that you can possibly be because it will go along way.

If you are ever wondering how you should really act when you are in a bar, check out these articles from Mens Health, and Business Insider

And hey, if hump day got the best of you today, check out this video by Dude Perfect, I’m sure you can think of some friends/coworkers that fall into these, and will definitely brighten up your day. 


One thought on “The regular…and the “regular”

  1. Jenn Carrera

    As someone who recognizes and seeks out waiting on your parents I say kudos to them for being the former type of “regulars”… a delight, considerate, great tippers and even better conversationalists. You can enjoy the fact that while you are slaving away they are dining out and making other service industry people happy in their job 🤗


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