Mayo in a shot…what?!

We all have our favorite drinks that we like to get when we are out at the bars. For some its an ice-cold beer, a smooth red or white wine, a whiskey coke with a bite, maybe even a vodka “energy drink” (if it is coming out of a bar gun, there is almost a zero chance that it is actually Redbull) to keep the night going. You may notice that these few examples are pretty tame, pretty basic in the eyes of the average carouser, but there is always someone out there switching it up. Someone daring to take the leap of faith to see if a concoction works…

Lets start off with a pretty standard shot that some folks might shoot when they are trying to get things going early in the night…a Tabasco shot. Now there are many variants of a Tabasco shot, and what varies is the type of liquor that is used. For most it is a shot of vodka, but if you fancy something else whiskey or tequila or rum, hell put sake in there if you want, go for it! I like to stick with vodka myself, but I occasionally switch it up with the “always going to be a fuzzy and fun, but mostly fuzzy night” tequila.


Now this may seem a little weird to some, but this is actually pretty common. There is even an older gentlemen who frequents my wonderful place of employment who takes one every time I have served him, he even has me put a dash of bitters in there as well. To be honest, I love these things, I am all about the hot. But there is a variant of this shot that gives me the willies, and I don’t honestly think I could take it…

I introduce to you the Tapeworm Shot..

Hot sauce, hell yea. Vodka, absolutely. Pepper, sure, why not. Mayonnaise, hell freaking no! Yea, I have to be honest, this sounds terrible. For me it is the consistency of the mayo. Yuck. I only use it spread out on a nice cold-meat sammie, but hey, thats me. I’m pretty sure the Tabasco is not going to cover up that consistency problem, so I am out. But there are those out there who live for this kind of stuff, and if you don’t believe me then tell me how it became a shot in the first place…

But hey, if this is your thing, go ahead. Who am I to judge? I used to drink hot sauce (just hot sauce) on the rocks when I was younger. But if it is your thing, I have one message for you…as well as all the carousers out there looking to have some fun this weekend, drink responsibility, ditch the keys, and of course TIP YOUR BARTENDER!


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