Tequila Tequila!

Oh tequila, you beautiful yet frightening concoction. Guaranteed to have a good time, guaranteed to make you feel like death in the morning. Is it worth it? Well if you are looking to start the party, then absolutely. If your looking for just a relaxing outing…maybe not (or do). 

Regardless of the reason that you decided to buy you and your friends shots of this golden nectar (usually golden, sometimes clear), there are somethings you need to know before you down how ever many you had planned on while standing up there at the bar:

  1. Tequila actually promotes weightless


It is ok, you did not suddenly lose the ability to read. Tequila can actually help you lower your blood sugar levels and can even help you lose weight. In a study done by the American Chemical Society, it was found that the agavins, which comes from the agave plant, the source of tequila, are a non-digestible sugar that actually act as a dietary fiber. Not saying that it is a one stop shop to all of your weight loss needs, but it is a whole lot better than drinking a carb-loaded beer!

2. The Worm!


Ok, so first off there are actually two different “types” of tequila, tequila and mezcal. It works in much of the same way that bourbon and whiskey operate, all tequila is mezcal, but not all mezcal is tequila. The worm is only really used with the mezcal, so if you see it in a bottle of something, thats usually what it is, and is mostly found in Mexico. The worms themselves are called maguey worms, and they live on the agave plants used for tequila and mezcal. Many a people believe that it brings good fortune for the person who is able to eat the worm, not sure about that one, but hey, I ‘d try it! 

3. The best way to take a tequila shot!

So a couple of things here. The first example in the video is definitely the way you want to go if you and your friends plan on downing a few shots in quite succession to get the ball rolling in the night. You should definitely use cheaper tequila for this. If you plan on taking just one or two or you want to impress someone, do the second example. Make sure to use a better tequila if you do the second one because it will make a huge difference. 

And hey, if you are not the shot person type of person but you are still looking to have a great time, try some of these easy-to-make tequila drinks that you can whip up right in your house, but can also be made at almost any bar that you walk into! Brought to you by our friend over at Tipsy Bartender.

Until next week bar-hoppers!


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