From Russia…with vodka

The Poles and the Russians both lay claim to the colorless, flavorless (almost), blackout-inducing death water that is vodka. And who is to say who really started it, most likely they both were making it a long time ago, but really who cares now-a-days, people just want to drink it!

And drink it they do! Vodka is up there in the top three of alcoholic beverages that are consumed world-wide. Which comes at no shock, seeming as it is one of the most versatile alcoholic beverages out there. The possibilities to be had with vodka are too many to count, you can literally put it in almost anything and you will barely notice it (if you are using flavorless vodka, which is usually stronger as well). But before we dive into a few of the best ways to drink it, lets learn a little more about this clear spirit. 


-Vodka is usually made from potatoes or grains (really any source of sugar will suffice, but grains are most popular), and can be produced pretty much anywhere to be considered vodka (unlike bourbon). 

-Vodka, once distilled, is ran through charcoal to further take out any impurities that remain in the liquid. This impurification is what causes the vodka to be odorless and flavorless.

 -Vodka is supposed to be drank cold, this takes out the fire that comes with every drink of straight-up vodka. Also brings out the viscosity of the drink.

-The most popular brand of vodka sold is Smirnoff, followed by Absolut. A full list of the top 20 vodka brands can be found here

All right, now that we have a little background on vodka, lets get to the best part. DRINKING IT!


Vodka shots might be the easiest and cheapest way to get the night going when you arrive to the bars on a Friday/Saturday night, hell Thursday if ya want, no judgement here! And the best way to do it is with the well vodka. Now, be warned, this is going to be rough if you do not plan accordingly. You go into that shot alone and it is going to hurt. Ask the bartender for a lemon or a lime to either squeeze into the shot, or bite on afterwards (like tequila). If you don’t want sweet, ask the bartender if they have an olive or a pickle, they will also help take out the fire of the shot.

Another great way to drink vodka is to mix it up with something. The most common mixer with vodka is orange juice. Nothing like a good screwdriver to get the morning rolling, know what I mean? No? Fine, don’t judge, I’m still in college for Pete’s sake! But honestly you can really mix it up with anything. Any juice is going to cut that burn right out (vodka cranberry is another really popular one). If you want some carbonation, mix it up in some Sprite or a pop of your choosing. 

One of my personal favorites is the Dirty Martini, mainly because I love olives (thanks mom…). Make that thing extra dirty!

The possibilities are really endless with vodka, especially if you take into account all the different flavors of vodka that are out there. For some classic, easy to make vodka drinks, check out this video from Tipsy Bartender!

All right! That wraps up this weeks post. See ya next week!


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