“We drank in long, greedy swallows”

Ahh, Gin. The liquor that, unlike most of its cousins (other liquors), is supposed to be mixed with other stuff. You will not find a single soul, for the most part, that chooses to do straight up gin shots for the fun of it. And for the people that do, kudos to you…

By its lonesome it packs quite a burn that is sure to give the most experienced drinker the “shot face”


But paired with classic mixers like orange juice, tonic, lemon, lime, hell, even other liquors, it is sure to satisfy the most picky of pallets. But before we get to some of the classic drinks that gin-lovers enjoy around the world, lets get some background on the versatile liquor. 

Gin is the national spirit of England, but it actually originated in Holland. The English discovered the Dutch drinking it during the Thirty Years War and decided to bring it back with them. 

When you hear the word “martini,” it is actually referring to gin. Martinis started off being gin, dry vermouth, and bitters (optional). But it was Smirnoff, with the help of everyone’s favorite secret agent James Bond, that stole the show from gin and introduced the vodka martini. So when ordering a martini, make sure you specify!

It was a staple drink for some of the history’s most notable people such as Winston Churchill, Franklin D. Roosevelt, F. Scott Fitzgerald, and Charles Dickens. Talk about a crew!

All right, now on to the part that really matters. Drinks!

Gin2(rogerebert.com) Pretty sure it is not gin in Gatsby’s glass, but come on…its Leo..

All right, so the very first drink that I will touch on is the Gin Gimlet. This drink was invented to help prevent scurvy in sailors, what ever, it tastes pretty good too! Literally all you need for this drink is gin and a little bit of fresh lime juice, some simple syrup, top it off with a lime wheel and you are golden! Easy peasy! Doesn’t it look refreshing…


Another classic take on a gin mixer is the classic gin and juice. Now you can theoretically use any kind of juice or mix of juices that you want for this drink, but the staples are a mix of orange juice and grapefruit juice, and just plain orange juice, like the great rapper Snoop Dawg

And to wrap up these classic gin drinks, I will let the good people of liquor.com show you how to make a classic Gin and Tonic, as well as their own spin on the cocktail. 

Talk about refreshing! Well that is all I got for you guys this week, if you want some other easy gin recipes check out Tipsy Bartender as they take part in some classic gin cocktail making. 

See you next week!


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