Go Shawty, its ya birthday!

Ok, so I know I said I was going to be talking about rum this week. When I was typing it I didn’t realize that this week’s blog landed on my birthday! So I am going to be talking about some classic birthday shots and shooters that you can buy for your friends on their special day (or make for yourself)!

Lets start off with a really simple one, the Buttery Nipple.


This sweet concoction is super easy to make. Just pour an ounce of butterscotch schnapps, layer on about a half ounce of Irish cream. All thats left is to shoot that sucker! This one is super easy to take, so this is a great choice for those newly-turned 21 newbies!

And for the next shot we have a classic for those that a little bit sturdier in heart, the Jägerbombs!


There is almost a 100% chance that in every college bar you walk into, someone is taking a Jägerbomb. Super easy to do, and is sure to give you the pep to get the night going. Fill a shot glass up with some Jägermeister, fill a glass up about half way with Redbull (or any other energy drink variant), drop the shot in and slug it down!

And for the final one I will let the great people over at Tispy Bartender give you the details on how to make some Blowjob Shots!


All right, that is all from me this week, short and sweet for you guys (and for me, I mean come on, its my birthday!). If you want to check out some other really good shots to make/order check out them here!

See y’all next week!


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