A Farewell

All right, first of all MY BAD Y”ALL! Thanksgiving break happened up at school and in my haste and eagerness to spend sometime with my family I completely forgot to post for y’all!


And to pile it on this will be my last post since the class that this is required for is coming to an end. With that being said, I did really enjoy this, so I might start this back up again in the future whenever I have some free time.

I just want to thank everyone who has read my posts throughout the semester. I just want to leave y’all with some parting advice!

Tip your bartender/server: the more you go back there the more they recognize you, don’t be that guy…

If you puke in the bar, let someone know so they can clean it up. Yes, it is embarrassing, yes, they will be annoyed, no, they will not ban you from the bar, yes, they will appreciate it. 

Always use lime and salt with tequila. If you’re in Mexico, try the worm.

Always have fun!!! Going out is for you, embrace the time and have some fun with your friends!

All right you guys, thats all from me. May your drinks stay cold and your hangovers short!


PS: Here is the link to Tipsy Bartender’s Youtube page. Check on them weekly for some cool, new drinks!


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