Mayo in a shot…what?!

We all have our favorite drinks that we like to get when we are out at the bars. For some its an ice-cold beer, a smooth red or white wine, a whiskey coke with a bite, maybe even a vodka “energy drink”


The regular…and the “regular”

There are two types of regulars in the realm of bartending and they are drastically different kinds of customers, and people in general really.

Seriously…Robot Bartenders?

All right Vegas, we get it, you have everything. Bars, casinos, clubs, places that are generally not socially acceptable (don't look too far into this one), sports (coming soon) and everything in between. But what I did not expect you to ever have, or anyone for that matter, is robot bartenders. Yes, you read that …

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Bartenders Unite!

Before we get down to the neety-greeety (Nacho Libre reference for you Jack Black watchers out there) there are a few things that I want to tell y’all. Over the entirety of these posts there will be many stories of the awesomeness and horrors of bartending in various towns...